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Original art work and giclees are available and can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Shipping costs applied accordingly. Paypal accepted for transactions.
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LEARN OR REFRESH, WATERCOLOR SKILLS (Once a week, 6 week program; 2 hr classes)
   Open to beginners and intermediate level students, the course will cover a comprehensive approach to learning watercolor painting covering six areas: Equipment & Supplies, Drawing, Brushwork, Composition, Color Mixing, & Finishing your painting. A low-key approach to painting an actual still life, using a technique called "TSPP," will be taught which explains the step by step approach to developing a watercolor work of art. This is an excellent class for those who want to return to watercolors after a lapse in time or for the beginning student who wants to learn the correct way to paint with watercolors.
(12 hrs. of instructions)​ cost: $240.00; Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm. Classes held at the Magnus & Gordon Gallery, 354 NE 4th St. (Artist Alley), Delray Beach. January 8th - February 12th.

PAINTING FROM A PHOTOGRAPH (Once a week, 6 week program; 2 hr. long classes)
   Open to Intermediate level students, this program will use photographs chosen by the instructor as well as student's own photos to develop a work of art. Quick demonstrations by the instructor in the areas of the effective use of color, composition, washes and brushwork to create a painting that's visually exciting and beautiful will be the goal of this class. An emphasis in planning and preparation before one even applies pigments to the paper will be covered to ensure a successful painting. This fun-filled class will encourage self-expression and creativity. (12 hrs of instructions) cost: $240.00;
Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30pm. Classes held at the Magnus & Gordon Gallery, 354 NE 4th St. (Artist Alley), Delray Beach. February 19th - March 25th.

PLEIN AIR PAINTING (Six week program; 3 hr. long class; painting outdoors)
    Intermediate and advance level students will learn "plein air" painting from "a to z." Students will be taught equipment and supplies needed for outdoor painting and how to deal with elements such as light, wind, spatial relationships and other things unique to painting outside, on site. Locations in Palm Beach County will be selected for weekly sites that encompasses a variety of landscape compositions. Students will be taught how to develop a foreground, mid-ground and far distance in their compositions to create atmosphere and mood. They will be encouraged to be creative and to make use of self-expression and learning the importance of painting quickly in outdoor conditions that tend to dry watercolors quicker than when painting indoors. Although this is an introductory course in plein air painting in watercolors, experienced plein air artists who sign up for the course will gain knowledge in expanding their watercolor techniques and gain a better understanding of how to get desired results. (18 hrs. of instructions) cost: $320.00. Outdoor locations will announced before start of classes. Wednesday mornings, 9:00-12:00Noon; Locations in Palm Beach county. APRIL 1ST - MAY 6TH. Rain days will be made up.


Contact Manny at 732-208-3842 or email him at for more class info or to register for class.

Manny's watercolor classes begin in January, 2020. Please NOTE the start date, time and location for each class.